Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Yesterday I told you about my goofy resolution to not crack a smile for any of my 11th grade pictures, and showed you an example as proof. Believe me, the rest of the pictures were no different. How embarrassing. Not as embarrassing as the president of our service club forever immortalized as he knelt making a finger for the camera in our group picture, but nevertheless, embarrassing.

Here's a picture of a group I always thought included the bad dudes and dudesses, the ones to avoid, the ones who supported the "radical" causes (click the image for the large version).

And on the other side, here are the goodie goods, members of one of the academic clubs. There's me again looking out of place with that scowl. I usually just joined clubs for the opportunity of getting out of class for a few minutes when the group pictures were taken (click the image for a large version).

Though there does seem to be a contrast in the overall attitude between the two, looks can be deceiving. For example, there in the top picture, second from the right, is my old girlfriend Amy. It was this picture I was thinking of that formed my pre-impression of her when we met during summer school at West L.A. College after our freshman year. Doesn't she look intimidating in the picture? Ha, I had her pegged entirely wrong! She's one of the nicest people I've ever known - wouldn't hurt a fly or even vermin like me. Even my old chihuahua liked her, and that dog was hostile to everybody.. me included at times.

You know, we had class pictures in elementary school, then yearbooks in junior high, high school and college. Maybe there ought to be yearbooks for the workplace as well. Not like the annual report companies issue for the public, but a yearbook for the employees.

It would capture the company during a particular year. Later down the road, you could get some kicks by seeing what your co-workers looked like at the time, or see who was still there and who wasn't. Maybe there could also be categories such as "best dressed" or "most likely to succeed" or "most political" as well as work honor rolls, person who can eat the most pizza after the company softball game, etc.

I wonder what the classmates of the folks in the YouTube video for today thought of them? Oh, never mind, these guys didn't go to school! Haha..

It's all about perception. If you shaved the heads of the people in the top picture above, they'd look like the people in the video. If you shaved the heads of the ones in the second picture above, everyone would think they were Buddhist monks, probably.

Now if you took a group of monks and you put leather jackets on them and sat them down on Harleys, would they look intimidating?

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