Saturday, November 15, 2008

Kings of Friday Nights

Back in high school, I was sooo glad when Friday rolled around and school couldn't torture me until Monday. I actually preferred Fridays to Sundays because on Friday I knew the weekend was ahead of me whereas on Sunday I knew Monday followed. How neurotic.

I love Fridays now, too, but it's not the same as my Dorsey days.

An ideal Friday night meant one of us being able to borrow our parents or siblings car, chipping in for gas, and cruising with no particular destination in mind. It was therapy on wheels, the night scenes passing by the car windows providing the backdrop for conversations that wandered without boundaries. At the time I really enjoyed the camaraderie but didn't fully appreciate it; it was something I took for granted.

It was so relaxing.. so informal.

This is a short entry. Sometimes it's nice not having any destination and having plenty of time to not get there. We were the kings of Friday nights.

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