Friday, November 28, 2008

Hi-Tone Label Maker

Happy day after Thanksgiving! I hope yours was wonderful. I can't tell you about how mine was since I am writing this on turkey day eve.

Since I will be posting a review in the near future, I figure it is safe to share with you the item that I chose from last Wednesday's offerings from the Amazon Vine program.

Here's a screen shot of the items that I picked for this month (click the image to see a larger version whose print you can actually read).

Take a look at the first product. After I selected it, I decided to look at the product page to read the customer reviews and also, to see how much this item cost so I can go around telling people I got this label maker that normally sells for $xx, for free as part of the Vine program, haha.

Here's a screen shot from the product page. Whoa, I sure picked an expensive item to review, didn't I? (click the image for a larger version)

Now you would think that for a product that costs over ten grand, that they could at least comp the shipping instead of charging you $6.50??? Of course, the advantage of being a Vine reviewer is not only that the product is free, but the shipping is free as well. So the $6.50 I saved is just icing on the cake for getting a free $10,000 label maker.

Well, obviously this is a typo or someone's idea of a joke at Amazon. Notice that particular price is from a third-party vendor. If you buy it from Amazon it is a more reasonable $79.00.

Did you also notice that there are only two of these left in stock? That means that a lot of people must have already placed their order and forked over $10,463.41 for the remaining stock to get in such a depleted state. Who says times are bad in the economy? Oh, well I'm guessing maybe the orders were placed by financial institutions who received their bailout money from the fed. They need to label which of their executive's pockets contain the loot.

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