Sunday, November 30, 2008

Better Down South

Yesterday I mentioned how thrilled I was to be able to visit a couple of Costco's in the San Diego area, courtesy of Julie's brother and his wife who graciously took us there on Black Friday.

Well actually they are both hopeless Costco addicts like I am, so it wasn't like they had their arms twisted or were just trying to be nice to their guests, haha.

I'm not sure of the location of the first one we went to, but it looked new and darn it, it was a lot bigger and had a lot more things than the Azusa and Alhambra Costco's that I normally frequent! Unfortunately I couldn't buy any items requiring refrigeration but I did find some other things that I haven't seen up here, so I didn't hesitate putting them in the cart.

Like this three-bottle set of flavored olive oils:

A jar of grilled, marinated peppers:

A jar of mushroom antipasto:

A set of 6 bowls plus a huge serving bowl (this was only $14.97.. unbelievable):

Intermission followed, with a break for dim sum and then a visit to Circuit City, and then we got back to business by visiting the 2nd Costco. Again, I don't know exactly where this one was located but it started out as the very first Price Club location (Price Club later became Costco).

From the outside it looked kind of dumpy, like a gigantic barn. Inside it also looked on the older side but it was packed with merchandise! Once again I was drooling. This location also had a really big wine selection. The first one had more wines that a normal Costco, but this one was downright huge. The guy stocking the bins told me it was one of the five largest in the region. I guess I should have asked him what the other four were.

Anyway, I picked up the following two bottles and brought them home (after paying for them, of course):

After that it was time to head back. I wasn't expecting to spend the entire day down in San Diego but hey, if most of it was spent inside of a Costco then I'm not complaining.

We even went to a 3rd one, in Carlsbad, but that was just to fill up the gas tank so we didn't go inside. The per-gallon price was $1.799 and it was crowded.

Then it was back to the SGV. On Saturday morning I still made my normal trip to Costco since I had to buy the usual refrigerated grocery items. Julie's brother told me that the Los Feliz store was large and also had a big wine selection so I decided to check it out. Wrong.. it was a big store but it had nothing that the Azusa location didn't have. Plus they had no jasmine rice! Well, cross that one off the list. The only thing I bought that hasn't already had its picture in this blog was a 12-pack of Chicken of the Sea tuna.

So am I all Costco'd out? Are you kidding?

I forgot to include a YouTube video yesterday.. oh, well. Here's one to use as a soundtrack for wandering around unchartered territory - the inside of a new Costco, eager with anticipation at the prospect of finding something new and exciting.. sort of like Columbus or Magellan..


Anonymous said...

Took my parents down to SD yesterday. I usually stop at the Costco by the tulip fields but gave it a pass.

Rickie Miyake said...

Which Costco is that one? All I know is I'm envious of the folks down there with all those Costcos to choose from with all that merchandise! Oh well, maybe that's better that there isn't so much temptation up here.