Monday, October 6, 2008

So Far So Good

As I mentioned in previous entries, today I attempted to replace XP with Vista as the operating system on my computer. I did a "clean install," meaning I completely wiped out and formatted the hard drive and then installed Vista from scratch (after saving my document files, etc.).

Well here I am! It took longer than I thought, as it always does, and I have only reinstalled about 20% of the programs so far, but at least Vista seems to be working okay with no hitches, knock on wood. I'll have to finish installing the rest tomorrow since it is getting late.

Just one item, for those who actually read this thing, so you won't be disappointed. An observation: It seems to be standard procedure that whenever you have someone come over to clean your house, you straighten up everything before they show up.

Since Julie and I are so bad at cleaning, someone comes every four weeks to do a "major" cleaning to make up for our own feeble cleaning attempts that take place during the four intervening weeks. They're coming tomorrow (which is actually your today since I am writing this on Sunday evening). Invariably, beginning on Friday evening, Julie will remind me that the cleaners are coming on Monday so I need to straighten up my stuff.

Isn't that what we pay the cleaners to do? Haha, we're not the only ones. Two of our friends use the same cleaners and report that the wives of the household issue the same directives: get the house straightened up before the cleaners show up!

I guess none of us want to look like total slobs, demonstrating our total dependence on them, lol.

I'm actually much better at being neat than I was in elementary school, back at the house on 36th Street. "Cleaning up my room" meant throwing as much stuff underneath my bed as would possibly fit. The rest went into the cabinet drawer.

My mom was wise to me, though - she would check under the bed and see that my mattress would never cave in because of all the junk I had thrown underneath it for support. And when she opened the door to my cabinet, all of the hidden items toppled out onto the floor. But sometimes it got so messy that I actually did a thorough cleaning and put everything in its place. Otherwise I literally couldn't think straight because of the mess.

My first visit to the library with our elementary school class was marred by my messy habits. My desk resembled the underside of my bed. We had all been given library card applications to take home and get signed by our parents. I brought mine back, eagerly anticipating our trip to get books, but instead of putting it in my desk, I accidentally slid it into the desk of the person next to me (we had shared desks, with open storage areas underneath the desk top and a divider in between).

When it came time to go to the library, I searched the mess in my desk frantically, looking for the application but it was nowhere to be found. Because of the big mess in my desk it took a lot of searching. Fruitless searching. Needless to say I was terribly disappointed that I was unable to check out any books.

When we returned to class, my neighbor found the application stuffed on the left side of his desk next to the divider where I had misplaced it. So I did the only thing I could. I accused him of taking it from my desk. Haha.. what a little punk I was.

Now this is someone about whom his elementary school teacher wrote, "gets very upset if he gets messy" - huh? I guess I didn't like myself to get messy but I didn't care about my surroundings, lol.

Anyway, I already wrote more than I intended and am now further behind in my conversion to Vista so I will sign off. At least the installation has so far been successful and I have not had to react in the following manner (just pretend it is a computer in the video):

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