Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Over, the Ordeals Are

I am happy to report that two ordeals are over, one, my scheduled colonoscopy, and two, installing Microsoft Vista and getting almost all my programs up and running. Both were successful, yippee.

The doctor gave me a clean bill of health this morning (Tuesday), much to my relief and to add to it, said that I don't have to undergo that procedure again for another three (3) years. If that turns out okay, then it would stretch to every five years thereafter. I can't complain about that!

All of the staff at Kaiser were very pleasant and encouraging today. No more than ten minutes after checking in, I was already laying in a gurney and the nurses had attached a blood pressure monitor, IV and several electrocardiogram monitors (or whatever you call them), all with a smile. Maybe they were smiling because someone other than them was having to undergo the procedure.

Shortly after that, they wheeled me down the hallway to room #5 (now do Chinese request room #8 and refuse room #4?) where I thought the nurse greeted me but said Montoya. I guess she must have been talking to one of the other nurses.

"You're not Sylvia Montoya, are you?" she asked a moment later, clicking on the computer monitor to call up the correct patient. I should have told her that no, I wasn't Sylvia Montoya yet but I hoped to be after the sex change operation - this is the right room for that, isn't it?

Instead I did as I usually do, I just smiled and said, "nope, not me."

At least they got the procedure right. You know, someone told me that the sedative they administer to you not only knocks you out, but causes temporary amnesia so you don't remember anything that happened during the operation. For example, if something goes wrong or there's some sort of mishap, you won't remember it later on (which I guess the hospital's attorneys think is a good thing).

I don't know if that is true or not, but in general I remember, or at least think I remember, that I was awake during the procedure. But I can't recall any details of it except being wheeled back into the recovery room. Am I just imagining it? Not long after returning to my starting point, they let me get up and put on my clothes, and that was that.

Julie had waited for me and we went straight to lunch because I was starving. Where did we go? Somewhere to satisfy the ravenous appetite? Haha, I suggested Souplantation. Now I know I've been converted from my old ways!

After last year's colonoscopy, we went to Jack in the Box where I devoured four of their addicting tacos. I put that under consideration for this time around as well, and decided against it. The thought came to me that prepping for this procedure by drinking that horrid colyte solution cleaned out my system to allow, shall we say, a fresh start (sort of like doing a clean install of Vista). If we went to have JIB tacos that would have been sort of like seasoning a new cast iron pan - coating it with oil for a non-stick surface, lol..

It was so good to eat some real food at Souplantation, although there was hardly any meat to be found in anything. I noted that they serve the same items at lunch as they do for dinner, but for a lower price. When I got home I had a stomach ache from eating too fast.

The afternoon was spent taking a nap (so nice..), installing almost all the remaining programs, and even going for my regular neighborhood run. A few programs wouldn't install because Vista said they weren't compatible with the new operating system - like Nero and a disk defrag program. Luckily Vista comes with its own applications to substitute for the incompatibles.

I've sure got nothing to complain about. A happy result from today's operation, a computer that's running and lets me type this blog, and not having to go to the office today, as well, and a nice home and good wife to come home to (well, she came with me as well). Makes me feel like George Bailey, the richest man in town!

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