Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Colyte Funnies

It's Monday evening as I write this and I am still in the process of switching over to Microsoft Vista from XP. Things have gone without a hitch and I kind of like Vista so far. I've still got several more programs to install, though.

My tasks are severely hampered by another task I have to do, which is drink three liters of nasty-tasting colyte solution in preparation for a colonoscopy on Tuesday morning. The little Presto timer on my computer desk is set for 15-minute intervals, signaling me to get up, take out the heavy jug of colyte solution from the fridge, pour 8 ounces of it into a cup and drink it like there was no tomorrow. I'm supposed to consume 3 liters of solution tonight and the remaining one liter tomorrow morning before heading off to Kaiser.

This is a case in which it is definitely better to view the jug as half-empty, rather than half-full.

Yesterday was a day without veggies, fruits or nuts, according to instructions. Today was a day of only clear liquids, again according to instructions. At least the appointment is in the morning; I tell you, I'm gonna have one huge lunch tomorrow to compensate for starving all day today!

Sunday marked the one year anniversary of my surgery to have a growth removed from my colon - actually they took out part of my colon, about eleven inches' worth. The year seems to have gone by quickly! Because of having that growth, I can now look forward to the privilege of annual colonoscopies to monitor any growths that might occur.

The procedure itself isn't so bad since they knock you out during that time. What's bad is drowning in all that liquid and having to keep interrupting whatever I'm doing to dash off to the bathroom! Well, sorry for such a gross entry today but this is a blog, after all..

It's definitely not a thrilling procedure but I'm glad I had it done last year because they were able to find the growth in its early stages and remove it before it had spread. I consider myself fortunate and blessed because of that; had I waited another year things would have been far worse.

I never thought I could do without hamburgers and fries, yet during this past year I haven't consumed a single burger, and have had only about ten french fries. That's single pieces of fries, not orders of fries. Beef and fried food consumption have been scaled back drastically and I've eaten a lot more veggies and fruits than I ever did before. What's also amazing is that I like it. I even missed not being able to have any veggies or fruits on Sunday. What a transformation!

One thing I do want to say is that if any of you reading have been procrastinating on your doctor's recommendation to have a colonoscopy, please don't put it off. Bite the bullet and drink the colyte!

Well, that's about it. I still want to install more programs in between excursions to the benjo, so I'll cut it short tonight.

Oh, one last thing. If any of you are considering making the switch to Vista, or have Vista and wish you knew more about it, I highly recommend the book I'm using for this conversion process: Windows Vista: The Missing Manual, by David Pogue. It's very well-written and organized, clear and concise. Unless you're a real geek, it's got everything you would want or need to know about Vista and then some. I bought his XP Missing Manual when I moved up from Windows 98 to XP and found that to be an excellent reference as well.

Ah, I just drank the last cup for tonight. Back to installing..

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