Friday, October 17, 2008

Change of Plan

I had almost finished writing my entry for today (Friday), about my experience as an Amazon Vine member. If you're not familiar with this program, here is the description that appears on Amazon's web site:
Amazon Vine™ is a program that enables a select group of Amazon customers to post opinions about new and pre-release items to help their fellow customers make educated purchase decisions. Customers are invited to become Amazon Vine™ Voices based on the trust they have earned in the Amazon community for writing accurate and insightful reviews. Amazon provides Amazon Vine™ members with free copies of products that have been submitted to the program by vendors. Amazon does not influence the opinions of Amazon Vine™ members, nor do we modify or edit their reviews.
I had written about the products I had received and reviewed so far, and the product offerings that were posted today and what I ended up choosing. Then I thought, maybe I should read the terms and conditions of being a member before I post my entry and sure enough, in the fine print was a clause about keeping all non-public information confidential.

Since I didn't want to lose a good thing, as well as face the shame of being expelled from the club, I dutifully deleted everything I wrote. Especially being of Japanese ancestry, I would have had to puncture myself with a sword had they kicked me out for violating the rules. Let me just say that I have gotten some pretty good products as a benefit of being a member, however.

That left me searching for something to write about. And so here's my last minute cyber scribblings:

Work has left me sort of burned out lately. Not in the sense of having worked too hard from being overwhelmed, although it has been quite busy, but more the sense of asking myself, what is the point? We move like a blindfolded amoeba, miraculously managing to keep moving and survive. But even despite the economy I feel we could be doing a whole lot better if only we would take deliberate actions in some obvious areas.

What would I be doing otherwise? Well, if you've been reading this blog you know I like to write but I fear I am like a blindfolded amoeba when it comes to doing anything that would enable me to actually write for a living so for the time being I continue harboring good intentions, if nothing more concrete.

The other thing I like to do, nerdly enough, is work with Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. I like the challenge of knowing that "y" needs to be accomplished, and trying to come up with the "x" of how to get there in the most efficient (and correct) way. Maybe that's why I used to enjoy doing word problems so much in junior high. Excel is such a powerful program and when used properly, can make work life so much easier. Recently we upgraded to Excel 2007 at work, and I did the same at home as well - it has been easy enough to make the transition, despite all the whining and complaining I read about "the ribbon" on the 2007 version (which is really nothing at all) but I still bought some "how-to" books from Amazon.

I was thinking I really ought to dive more deeply into the program and learn it inside out because I like working with it and who knows, maybe that will make life more interesting somehow. I use it all the time at work to show just how ridiculous some of the things we do really are, lol.

Anyway, sorry for the lame post today. I've been feeling kind of blah lately, probably from that penned in feeling I get from sitting in the office every day and forgetting there's an outside, and forgetting to dream. I don't think I've been listening to enough music. But stay tuned, the weekend is arriving!


kmiyake said...

maybe you should start learning processing (

Rickie Miyake said...

I looked at that site and have no idea what they are even talking about!