Sunday, September 21, 2008

Saturday With the Fishies

Our good friends Ross and Kay had four tickets to the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach and were nice enough to invite us to use half of them yesterday. I even forsook my regular Saturday morning visit to Costco for this outing!

Here's some pictures. Click on them to see a larger version.

They chose a gorgeous day to go.

Now I know this is an aquarium but I had to include some shots of the very tame lorikeets.

Hmm.. this one sort of resembles Mr. Schuwarger, my high school algebra teacher. I can just hear him.. "Randy, Randy, why must you disrupt the class?"

And this is like my folks in their new surroundings at the senior facility.

Here's a couple of tourists, especially the one on the right with that fobish camera-around-the-neck look.

This looks like a tank at one of the SGV Chinese restaurants.

Some incredible jellyfish.

Again, another tank at a Chinese restaurant.

Here's Hoppity Hooper, indignant that I was invading his privacy.

The array of colors and shapes of the lifeforms under the sea is absolutely amazing. So brilliant and beautiful.

Here's a seahorse. It's a little blurry.

And here's Ross and Kay. After our tour we headed across the street to Bubba Gump's and ate some of the things we saw in the tanks. I forgot to take pictures of the food so you could have "before" and "after" shots.. haha.. It was such a nice day out by the ocean - not too hot, a nice breeze, and pretty good food. We had a relaxing lunch and a nice chat al fresco.

Well you know I can't tolerate a Saturday without Costco. Previously I had downloaded all the Costco locations in the nation onto my GPS. As we headed out of the parking lot, Voila, it told me where the nearest Costco was: Signal Hill. So off we went to check out unknown territory.

The Signal Hill Costco looks like one of the older ones. Costco's web site says it opened in 1986 and it looks it. This one didn't seem to have as much variety as the one I normally go to in Azusa (or the push-push shove-shove Alhambra one), but it had everything I needed to get this week so I'm happy. And of course I have pictures.

My dad needed some socks. The ones he has now are too ventilated. I saw the Kirkland name and didn't hesitate to throw these in the cart.

The asparagus looked good - long, thin spears. I didn't think it was in season but the package says it's from Peru so I guess it is asparagus season down there.

Not too long ago I could never imagine buying two green vegetables at the same time, but here I got both asparagus and brussel sprouts. Did you ever see When Harry Met Sally? Remember how there are interviews with couples interspersed throughout the movie? There's one with an elderly Chinese couple and I always thought the woman's head looked like a giant brussel sprout. The next time you watch that movie check it out and see if there isn't a startling resemblance.

It was a long, full and enjoyable day. I can't believe I stayed off the computer that long, either, lol..

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