Sunday, September 28, 2008

Saturday This and That

I was back to my normal Saturday morning Costco routine but that wasn't the first stop. The first stop was Kaiser Permanente to pick up this thing:

Yes, those of you who recognize it probably cringe on sight. The dreaded colyte solution inside the giant jug, aka the preparation mix for a colonoscopy. Not a pleasant topic! For those of you who don't recognize what's in the picture above, don't worry, your time will come! Anyway, mine is scheduled early next month so I figured I would pick it up before heading to Costco.

Most of what I bought at Costco were repeat items so you're spared having to look at their pictures again. I did run across a couple of previously unpurchased items, so here they are:

This is the first time I've seen this in the freezer cases so curiosity got the better of me and I put one in the cart to give it a try. Notice the box informs you that it is "delicately seasoned." Next week I'll see if I can find anything that says it is "aggressively seasoned."

And there's always room for chopped onions. Costco's spices and seasonings are ridiculously cheap compared to the grocery stores.

The below didn't come from Costco, it came from CVS. My dad asked me to get this and he insisted that it be the CVS brand and no other. He said he's tried all the other ones and they don't work, only this one works so don't get anything else. I bought two!

This evening we went to a concert where my mom and dad are now. It was free for the residents and $15.00 for guests. For that, we got the entertainment plus a bento box.

Canopies were set up in the parking lot to shield us from the sun; while the event officially began at 5:00, they were already herding the residents out to the parking lot when we arrived prior to 4:30, so that everyone would be out there in time.

First came a fruit cup, then the bento, water or tea, coffee, then dessert. There was also a bag of fortune cookies for each place at the table. I forgot to take a picture of the bento! It held a nice assortment of healthy food and was really colorful: salmon, teriyaki chicken, onigiri, umeboshi, tsukemono, spinach, gobo, a rectangle of fried egg, mushroom, kamaboko and some roots I'd seen before - like on New Years when I was little, and I refused to eat it - and couldn't remember their names.

I was thinking, this is sooo different from fast food or your typical chain eatery. Can you imagine them serving the residents takeout boxes from Claim Jumper? Man, we really stuff ourselves silly in this country. Those bento boxes were just right (said the baby bear, that being me), portion and health-wise.

Then the entertainment began. First up was Grateful Crane, a vocal ensemble that performed songs from the 30's and 40's. Accompanied by only an electric keyboard, they sounded very fine.

After them came the L.A. Matsuri Taiko group. They did a fine job, as well. I like the mix of different sizes of drums, the interplay of rhythms and the gut-shaking power of the thuds on the huge drums. They invited a couple of the residents to come up and play; the first woman was really rocking out and probably would have kept playing longer had they not stopped her, lol.

At 6:30 the festivities came to a close and everyone headed back to their rooms. The long lines of people moving along the walkway using their walkers with two green tennis balls on the legs was a sight - like a human freeway. I have to hand it to the staff and volunteers at the event - they really did a bang up job coordinating the whole thing - from getting the canopies and tables set up, to traffic control both coming and going, distributing the food and keeping everything orderly - it was amazing.

During the show, I thought about my name.. I've always felt my name sounded so 'sing-song' because everyone rhymes the first and last names even though the last syllable of the last name should be pronounced eh instead of ee. Instead, I should do what some Deborahs of the world do (when they say, uh, excuse me but it is pronounced 'Dee-bore-uh' not 'De-bur-ah') and insist on saying it the way it would be said in Japanese: 'Ree-kee-eh.' I guess sitting among all those Japanese folks today is what made me think about that. So if you should tell anyone about this blog, make sure to tell them righteously: The Ree-kee-eh Mee-yah-keh blog, lol..

And there goes another chapter in the book of Saturdays.

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