Friday, September 26, 2008


Well I think this will be the last entry about the stuff I found while rummaging through the items that were still in the closet in my old room at my parents house. There's really not a whole lot. But I saved the best for last..

Here it is, a genuine, hand-written Easy Livin' playlist from some unspecified date back in the heyday! (click to enlarge)

That's Michael Kosaka's handwriting. Most of the lists were made either by him or me, mainly because no one else wanted to do them. Plus no one else wanted to hear the inevitable, "..why'd you put that song right there?" Since I was a stubborn blockhead, I put the songs where I thought they should be put, and that was that, haha.

And would you believe, that's the only Easy Livin' memorabilia I have. There's no pictures, no tapes, no bids, no nothing that mentions us. Well I think I may have an old business card somewhere but I don't know where it is. How sad.

I guess I won't list it on E-Bay, then.

On the list you will see Horse With No Name. Kind of an unusual song for a "dance band" or "garage band" to play but we liked the song. It seemed the criteria for us to learn a song had more to do with if we liked it or not, rather than its danceability.

Back then we'd have vocal practice on a weekday night at Dennis Yokotake's house. Teri Kusumoto, Dennis and I would practice the harmonies accompanied by his piano. I must thank his patient parents for putting up with the noise.

Weekdays meant school the next day but when our practice was over, I never wanted to go home right away. Dennis lived only five blocks from me but often I'd take the long way home - the night was just too inviting to pass up. I would take a drive for as long as I thought I could get away with and still manage to get my homework done. Or not... Actually, I'd just as soon practice the whole time - I really loved our practice sessions, be it with the whole band or just for the vocals.

Can you tell I enjoyed those days?

Earlier this year, perhaps in response to my whining about how much I missed the Easy Livin' days and playing the drums, Julie encouraged me to get a set of drums.

"Really?" I said.

"Life is too short, you need to enjoy it," she replied. She knew how much I missed them, having sold them shortly after Easy Livin' disbanded. Perhaps she also felt guilty since she was getting a new piano for herself. Well that's okay, her guilt worked for me so before she could come to her senses the purchase was made.

My old set was made by the now defunct Camco company, and they were beautiful. Courtesy of Betty Norup, owner of Betty's Music, I got them at a great price, too. Natural maple shells, none of that metalflake covering for me - I liked the natural look. But alas, I sold the entire set, including the covers at a great price for the buyer. I hope they took care of them.

The new ones aren't as fun as as the old, since they are electronic, but they're a whole lot more neighbor friendly because you can use them with headphones. That way no one can hear how bad I am. I guess I should apologize to my old neighbors as well for the noise they had to endure, even though both sides of my parents house are long gone. Maybe the drums contributed to that. Unlike real drums, these can be played at any time and they actually sound realistic. They are way above my capabilities, that's for sure!

So now the old fogie has something to bang on, although I don't get to play them nearly as much as I'd like. There just isn't enough time!

You won't be surprised to know that one of my big fantasies is an Easy Livin' reunion. One where we could ' some of the old songs, Sam.' I know Dennis still plays so he would have his keyboards, but I wonder if Duane still has his guitar and Michael his bass? And would Teri remember how to play the cowbell and tambourine? Haha.. what a sight and sound we would be.

Here's looking at you, kid..

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