Tuesday, September 16, 2008

High School ADD

I think I had a severe case of high school attention deficit disorder. I spent Sunday helping to clear up my parents place, which included going through some old papers and notebooks from my school days.

I found a notebook from the 11th grade but I am not sure what subject it was for because most of what is in it are scribblings and drawings and song lyrics and anything else that has nothing to do with school.

When I got home I took pictures of a few pages to share with you. First off is a scientific study I conducted during one of my classes, which you can see in the next two pictures below. If you click on them, you can see a larger image in which the words are more legible.

Haha, so I wasn't the only goof off in class. But see, I was actually doing a survey and tabulating the results so it wasn't a complete waste of time.

Are you familiar with the National Lampoon? Do you remember the special publication they did called "National Lampoon High School Yearbook?" Well, I should sue them because a few years earlier I had the same idea and so I spent valuable class time not paying attention and instead did my own yearbook autograph parody in my notebook (again, click the pictures to see a much larger image):

Now you see what sort of student I was. There really wasn't that much left over from my school days as much of it had been tossed out long ago. I did bring home a few things, though, which I plan on perusing soon. If I come across anything else as dopey as the above, I'll take a picture of it as well, and post it.

I also came across a story I wrote after graduating from college. What surprised me is that I wrote it all by hand since there were no personal computers back then, in ink on both sides of lined paper and used up 60 sheets. What is even more surprising is that I actually rewrote it, too. I'm looking forward to reading it again; I read just a few pages and I didn't remember writing any of it. But it's in my handwriting!

Actually, I remember the general idea of the story but have completely forgotten the details.

I also brought home about 500 rolls of toilet paper. My sister and I split it up. Why my parents bought so much is beyond me but now we don't have to buy toilet paper for a long, long time.

From my limited review of the school papers and other memorabilia I brought home today, I notice a progression (regression?) from academic awards received in elementary and junior high, to the pages in the above pictures. Hmm..

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