Monday, August 11, 2008

Sorry 'Bout That! - You Owe Me One part 3

Further into the lunacy of my junior year UCLA student store adventure, here is part three of the saga.

I couldn't wait. I went out on a limb. How best to broach the subject was something I had been pondering continuously; as we sat on her sofa, my words danced around trying to come closer to the real subject. A couple of times I paused, mouth half-open, holding my breath. But another topic always came out.
This is it, I finally told myself, just make yourself say it. "Ummm..." Again I paused and looked at her, searching for the right words.

Amy looked expectantly at me. She smiled.

"Umm..." With a frown of concentration, I resolved to make myself say something, whatever that might be. "Uh, there's something I wanted to bring up."

"Has something been bothering you?" Amy looked concerned. "What's the matter? I knew something was bothering you. You've been so distracted."

Oh, I should just forget about this. She probably has a boyfriend anyway. "You know how we were talking about how we should maybe see other people, that it might be a good idea?" Should I have said that? I didn't want to appear too eager as I tried to gauge her reaction.

It took a moment to register. "Is that what you've been trying to say?" Amy wore an amused look.

"Well, yeah..."

She chuckled. "There's someone you want to see?"

"Well, sort of. I mean, if you don't mind. I mean, if you still feel the same way about it, but I don't have to- it's no big deal." Stop babbling and let her say something.

"Why didn't you just come out and tell me?"

"I was afraid. I didn't want to make you feel bad. I wasn't sure what you would say."

"We talked about it, didn't we?" Amy sounded reassuring. "Don't feel bad. That's sweet that you feel bad."

I was relieved, but felt like a little kid receiving grace after getting caught with his hands in the cookie jar. "Well I do feel bad. Are you sure it's okay?" I was somewhat offended that she took this so easily, but more excited about being given the green light.

"I know who it is," she teased.


"It's Susan. I'm right, aren't I?"

My face turned redder. "How do you know?"

"I just know. You're always talking about her."

"I'm not always talking about her," I said defensively, embarrassed at being so obvious. Susan was just one of the cast of characters I would talk about as we reviewed our days with each other. I'd relate what happened at work that day.

"I could tell," Amy replied with motherly omniscience. "You don't talk about the others in the same way. It shows."

Gee, what else do I give away that I'm not aware of? I'd better watch myself. "You probably just think that because she's the only other Japanese in the department," I said, still trying to defend myself.

"It's okay. You should go out with her. Have you already asked her?" Amy was genuine in her sincerity. It served to heap more guilt upon me.

"No, I haven't asked her yet. I wanted to check with you first. I really wouldn't do anything unless you said it was okay, despite what we said before. Are you sure it's okay?"

"Yes, it's okay."

"Are you sure? You aren't just saying that?"

"It's okay."

"You're sure-"

"No, better not."

"Huh? -"

"I'm just kidding," she laughed. "Really, it's okay."

"You're sure?"

"Don't ask me again. I told you, it's okay."


"So when are you going to ask her?"

"I don't even know. I'm just thinking about it. I felt guilty even thinking about it so I wanted to talk to you first."

"You crack me up," she said, shaking her head. "You thought you were being sly, didn't you? I could tell you were interested in her."

"I wasn't trying to be sly," I insisted. Amy stared at me, still amused, waiting for an admission. "I wasn't," I repeated as I kept checking to see if she was still looking at me.

"Thanks for telling me. You let me know what happens."

"If anything." Amy was so nice. I was having second thoughts.

Meanwhile David got sick of hearing me pontificate about the whole situation every time we got together. After another evening of rehashing every little bit, he dropped me off at home. Before I opened the door, he told me, "Look, you have to make a decision. You owe it to everyone, don't you think?"

"Yeah, I know. This is driving me crazy. I need to do something."

David affirmed this. "You've got to do something, buddy."

"He who hesitates is lunch," I sighed, resigning myself to fate.

To be continued..

(note: please excuse the stupid, er, artsy images in the video above, lol..)

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