Saturday, July 26, 2008

Yearbook Autographs

I'll continue with the Sorry 'Bout That apology posts on Monday, but now for the weekend diversions. I was looking through my 8th grade yearbook (back then we called them "Annuals"). The summer '68 graduating class was called Los Valeros, back when class names were traditionally French for some reason, before they started getting all weird.

I thought I'd post some of the things people wrote in my "annual." Why 8th grade? Because we were old enough for most of us to write something more than a stock phrase, yet it wasn't too personal. So I can name names. Do you remember what you wrote in anyone's yearbook? I don't, although not too long ago someone told me she's always remembered what I wrote in her yearbook because she thought it was so clever. I actually remembered that one after she brought it up, too. Maybe if you find yourself below, you can see if you remember what you wrote.

To Rick, a nice young man and a mature student. D. Hutton - "D" stood for Deanna. She was a newbie when I had her for history and she didn't know any better - she was very nice to all of us and we all liked her very much. She and a friend of hers even took a group of us to P.O.P. one Saturday (Pacific Ocean Park in Santa Monica).

To Rickie, May we be friends, have fun in the summer! Benkin Jong P.S. Stay Smart! We used to call Benkin "Snitchy Snail" after a character on the Winchell Mahoney show because he ran very slow.

To Ricky, A good boy and a very smart person. Your friend, John Jones - Yup, one of the three Jones boys who were my best buddies. You'll hear more about John very shortly. What a good friend he was.

To Rickie, Stay as sweet as you are during summer vacation & I see you in September. Charmi Tsutsui - I wrote about Charmi in an earlier post. She was the sweet one.

Miyazakisan, Very much wish you best of luck in whatever you wish to achieve and we know what that is don't we Miyazakisan. Friends? Tommy Shima - He's referring to Sheila Miyazaki, a classmate of ours. People used to tease us since our names were so similar.

Rickie.. Ricky.....? You're the only one I know that draws profiles of surfers and Granny Hippie stories... but you're nice, and very sweet? (a sweet boy?) anyway, I hope I see you over the summer (I doubt it) and best wishes toward the coming years.. Judy Yonemoto - I vaguely remember those stories and surfers. Judy was never at a loss for words and always had something interesting to say.

To Rickie, You're smart in more ways than one. Just keep pulling in the A's and you will be alright. Best of luck always, Chelsey James '68 - I didn't know Chelsea that well, but he was a great athlete.

Rickie, To a smart kid and a good boy. Good luck in the B-9. Friends, Travis Lemle s'68 - I wonder whatever happened to Travis.. he was a nice guy.

To the great Maharishi: It's been really great (!!) knowing such a swell guy... the only thing I find fault with you is that you're soooo... shy!! Anyway, keep up the great (??) grades and keep your eyes open for girls. It's heart-breaking to know that (sob!) I'm leaving! Good luck to you always! Love ya, Sheila Shinsato P.S. Boy you sure give good concerts... hope (uh) to hear you again sometime (???) Bye! (for now, anyway!). -- Those "concerts" Sheila referred to were my stupid antics on the violin. Sheila was one of those people that I always admired who had so many talents as well as a great personality and character. I did see her later (she was graduating, I was a year behind her) but not real soon. It wasn't until UCLA that we ran into each other briefly. Now she has a successful physical therapy practice and I did go see her one time for lunch many moons ago.

Oh yes, the Maharishi (!?) Good luck Rickie, and I know you'll have a great summer. Keep up the violin, you're pretty good! Well, good bye, but don't forget. I'll see ya, Colleen Kubo - I never saw her after that.

Hi, It's really been great knowing you! Really!! Your allways so considerate and understanding. Take that l out of always, okay? Well, anyway, your GREAT and don't forget it. Don't listen to Sterling and go on your own. Happy summer (hope I see ya) and good luck next semester. Always, Rene Sunabe, okay? - Sheila, Colleen and Rene were like the Three Muskateers. Very nice, too. Always gracious with their comments, as you can see!

Ricky! Since I am an A9 I shall sign here in my respective class picture. It's been nice knowing a nice, handsome, and truly smart person. Good luck in your coming years. So long, Warren Low Los Valerosos S68 - I didn't know Warren that well, and judging by the things he wrote he didn't know me well either, haha.. but he did know the right spelling for the class name (Valerosos) even though the company who made the yearbook spelled it Valeros on the cover.

Ricky, Best of luck in the B9 and coming years. Have fun over the summer and I'll see you in the fall. Friends always, Rose Kubo - I had Rose sign in the "A9" section of the yearbook even though she was just a "lowly" B8, haha..

Rickie, To a really brainy? nice? cute? guy? (Just kiddin') Best of luck to you in the ninth grade, and have a groovy summer (don't get dumb) Always, Eva Quon - yes, that same Eva who was the kickoff topic for my apology series. Sorry Eva, but I did get dumb!

To a good friend, hope you have good luck with Rose. Best of luck, Mike Mizokami - Well I did like Rose too, when I was in the 8th grade.

To Miyak, Stay cool, calm and dry. Get smart like me and you will be alright. The great and only ARJ (Alan Richard Jones). Another of the Jones boys and I'd have to say he was my best buddy. I saw him once after junior high and that was that. I sure wonder what he's up to now.. probably great things.

To a dear friend, stay cool, stay smart, and crazy. From a cool dude, Mike. (Michael Jones) - the third of the Jones trio. As you can see, all three of them were so creative when it came to the literary arts, lol.

Have fun in the summer, don't drop dead, come back in one piece, by KOBO. Kendall Chow - I have no idea what "KOBO" means. I would always tell him that his name sounded like a dog food. "Try new, improved Kendall Chow - your dog will thank you for it!"

Rickie, I enjoyed your may I say "interesting" writings. Your playboy bunnies are sure signs of your talent. You're a great guy and may your chair fall down. Best wishes, Judy Nishida - well I did write a lot, even back then. I'll just leave it at that..

To Bill, (I mean Ricky) Have a nice summer and don't cry because you can't see your puppet any more! Roy Marubayashi - It's been so long I have no idea what puppet he was talking about.

To Rickson, You are a great, intelligent, messed up hair boy. Have fun with Michael Jones. Friends! Peace, the great Jay Takashima - Jay was a big guy and used to terrorize us smaller folks like Benkin, Kendall and me. He was right about that messed up hair, too. We used to call him Jay Tankashima. Behind his back, of course!

Rickie, Hi! It's been a very sad week for me. I hate to leave this school. It's been great knowing you & I hope it doesn't end now. Best of luck in the coming years. Have a great summer, ok? Love, Jenniver Takeuchi - I didn't know her that well either. I wonder how much of what people write is what they really mean?

To Ricky, Good luck in the B-9, to a cool cat from the coolest cat that's me! Josef Solomon - wisdom from Solomon, lol..

Rick, stay the way you are always (censored). Have a cool summer, and come back next semester and get good grades. Sterling Tom - I'm sure somewhere down the line he'll be in more posts.

Rickie, Best wishes in your coming years. I hope you have a groovy summer vacation and stay as nice as you are now. Helen Lewe - Helen's family owned a restaurant that was on Jefferson Blvd. called Korea House. One time she invited us there for dinner and unfortunately, back then I was totally non-adventurous with food and I hardly ate anything. Maybe some rice. So I guess this is also an apology post because I have to apologize to Helen for being so rude with the food!

And there you have it, for whatever it's worth - 8th grade autographs.


Anonymous said...

Hello Rickie. Someone sent me a link to your blog and my name appears on your "Yearbook Autographs". My name is Travis and I see that the reference is correct. I went to Foshay JHS from 1966-1969. Chelsey James, Alan Jones, Benkin Jong were all close friends of mine. I am still in contact with Chelsey. Sorry but I don't remember you by name so I am gonna check my yearbook for a photo. I will check back here to look for any of your responses.

Anonymous said...

Hello again Rickie. If you want to see what Alan Jones is doing these days, go to this link and you'll find his name, photo and bio in the middle of the page.

Rickie Miyake said...

Hi Travis - thanks for commenting! I remember you, so hopefully seeing me in the yearbook will refresh your memory. Benkin lives in Monterey Park now. And thanks for the link for Alan Jones - I always figured he would be successful. Of the three unrelated Jones, he was my best buddy at Foshay. I hope all is well with you.. by the way, may I be nosy and ask who sent you my blog link? I'm curious about who the heck reads this thing!

Anonymous said...

My son's girlfriend was Googling my name and your Blog came up. Nothing more magical than that. I have found your pic and I do remember you. You and Alan were best buddies. I was one of the music geeks and I hung out in Rm 163 where Mrs Bicknell and Mrs Fowler taught the music program. Fowler was also the math dept Chair. Those were great days at Foshay. I still see a lot of the grads from that time. A lot of us still live near the old neighborhood. I am in Ladera Heights just up the hill from the Crenshaw district.

Rickie Miyake said...

Oh, that's how you found the blog. I was a music geek too - you played brass or woodwind, right? Wow, you even remember the room number. The days back there were really nice. Do you keep in touch with Alan? I went to that site and then tried Googling his company but there's no viable link. I haven't seen him since the summer after we graduated Foshay but I thought I'd send him an e-mail if I could find contact info for him.

Anonymous said...

It looks like Alan Jones might be working for Eastern Light Capital. It says here on their website Alan Jones is a Director and he joined them in 2007. Looks like they are in San Francisco. With the US economic system and Wall Street in turmoil, someone like Alan may be a good person to know.

Rickie Miyake said...

Unless Alan is one of the people that helped to cause the turmoil, haha.. Alan was a good guy. Even back then he was someone who you could totally trust - a really good character.