Sunday, July 20, 2008

Weekends - Sooo Nice!

It's so nice having weekends!

Saturday started off with my usual trek to Costco, loading up on stuff and looking at the receipt trying to figure out how I spent so much money. Normally I avoid the Alhambra location because of all the Asians who stand around blocking the aisles (and today was no exception) but it seems they have the 21-25/lb. frozen shrimp that the other locations don't carry so I made the sacrifice to go there instead of the usual Azusa/Irwindale warehouse. At least they had it today so that made me happy.

Costco is my favorite store. There's always something interesting over there. Maybe its because I like finding good stuff at a discount.

Julie and I then headed to Monrovia for lunch, to try a new place called Merengue that has a menu similar to Porto's in Glendale and Burbank. That is, cakes, pastries and Cuban-type food. Below are some pictures:

On top is the menu. It's hard to read so click on it for a larger version. Next, moving from top to bottom, we have potato balls (crunchy exterior, mashed potato and seasoned ground beef filling), pastele de carne (puff pastry filled with ground beef) and a chicken empanada (more puff pastry filled with seasoned chicken). Muy sabroso y muy barata! The prices in the respective order as the pictures were 99 cents, 90 cents and $1.25 each. And one of each for each of us did the trick to fill us up so it was a very economical and tasty lunch.

In the evening we had our kickoff choir potluck as we began the season of practicing for our Evergreen SGV Christmas Cantata.

Now, the food this afternoon was good, but I have to say sorry Merengue, you lose out to the goodies we had at our potluck! Good food, lots of it, and plenty to take home. Here's a few pictures:

Like ants at a picnic! There was another table with desserts but I didn't get a good picture of it. The turnout for choir has been so good that we ran out of music books and had to order more.

It was an uplifting Saturday, for sure!

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