Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sunday Extra Edition

I know I already uploaded a post for today but here's some more ramblings of no particular importance.

I was doing some food blog grazing when I came across this post that features the tiny stand pictured above (to see a larger version from the web site where I found this picture, click here).

It's La Super Rica on Milpas Street in Santa Barbara. I found out about this place a long, long time ago when my ex-sister-in-law used to teach at UCSB. The owner of La Super Rica was one of her students and she told me he had recently opened a restaurant that she had tried and was very good. She was right, they make excellent Mexican food. You may have heard about this as it is Julia Child's favorite Mexican place.

But the reason for posting about it is not La Super Rica per se, it's that it just reminded me of how much I love Santa Barbara and miss it so much since we haven't been there in a while. So that was the first thing for this post: I love and miss Santa Barbara!! Julie isn't as crazy about it as I am because there aren't enough (or any) good Chinese restaurants up there.

Next order of business:

In deciding where to live, one of Julie's criteria would be that it would have to have good Chinese restaurants, since she loves Chinese food so much and could eat it every single meal, unlike me who really doesn't care one way or the other. Having grown up with Americanized, "China-meishi" Chinese food served at places like Ho Sai Kai on Western Avenue and Exposition, and her having been raised in Hong Kong gives us two different takes on what "Chinese food" really is.

No, my criteria for a place to live would be that it has to have a Costco within a reasonable driving distance. Since there is the internet for everything else, my demands are really quite simple and humble, wouldn't you say?

Along those lines I ran across this blog that shows I am not the only one with a Costco addiction. The authors of that blog live in Austin, Texas and I have to admit being jealous that they write about Costco products from their local store that I have never seen at the Costcos around here. Hmph!! Yup, I am a big fan of Costco and needless to say, I quickly bookmarked that web site.

And the third thing in this completely disjointed post is I was thinking of what are the stupidest song lyrics I've ever heard, and this one came to mind (when I think of such things, I usually think of this one). It's one that Easy Livin' used to play, called "Found a Child" by a one-semi-hit wonder group called Ballin'Jack.
The lyrics:
Where, where can he be
Where, where can he be
Where, where can he be
Where, where can he be

Found a child
Inside a rock
Sit right down
And hear him talk
He tells us all
The way it was
Ask him why
He said because

Feeling fine
Peace of mind
Feeling fine
Got some time
(and after this they break out into various cavemen sounds)

Then I wondered if someone had posted it on YouTube and indeed they had, so give a listen:

Actually, that part about "ask him why, he said because" is probably as wise an answer as has ever been given throughout the course of time, lol.. could any philosopher argue with that?

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