Thursday, July 24, 2008

Sorry 'Bout That! - The Bad Question

I was going to name this post "My Name is Earl" but decided it might attract hits from people searching for the television show of the same name, and who wants them coming here (and the feeling would be mutual).

The reason for that nixed name was because of the premise of the show, in which Earl, the main character, wins the lotto and decides to look up old acquaintances he had wronged in the past, and use his good fortune to right those wrongs.

Well, I ain't won no lotto but I thought I'd use this blog to confess apologies to some people that I did wrong to in my past. Not maliciously, mind you, but still I owe them an apology. So unless something else comes along, I thought I'd spend the next few posts to 'fess up.

These things happened a long time ago, so I was wondering if my recollection of what happened was accurate. I think it is, since it has been burned in my mind for such a long time but the other day, when comparing notes on something that happened back in high school with an old classmate, Misa Miyamoto, her recollection was a bit different than mine even though the basic details were right (what we were comparing is another blog post down the line a ways). I'll just explain it by saying she has an exceptional memory (which actually she does seem to have), rather than admitting my brain cells are feeble.

The other thing I wonder is if the folks I'll be talking about even remember any of this. Is it something that has stayed with them that they will readily remember, or is it something that they'll have to conjure up from the dark recesses of their memories and scratch their heads, or will they have no recollection whatsoever?

Having taken up too much space already, here's the first one:

Back in Mrs. Hutton's 7th grade history class I sat behind Eva Quon. Eva was one of the nicest persons I've ever known, and we used to talk when the teacher wasn't looking. She was also on the plump side.

One day tactless me innocently asked her how much she weighed. Honestly, I wasn't trying to be mean or funny or cruel or whatever, it was a straightforward question borne of natural curiousity. I just came right out and asked her.

She was taken aback, and gave a modest laugh and shook her head, saying she couldn't tell me something like that.

But I was persistent and I kept asking her and she kept smiling and shaking her head, telling me guys aren't supposed to ask such questions. Despite my sincere insistence that I wouldn't tell anyone and it was purely for my own curiousity, she refused to tell me, and that was how it ended. Now don't ask me how we managed to talk so long and evade the teacher's attention, but we did.

I never did find out her weight and I never bothered to ask her after that.

So I just want to say sorry for being so tactless and stupid! What a big duh I was, and I didn't even realize it.

A grade or two later, Eva started going around with James Wong. She and I still talked, though, and she seemed to find what I had to say pretty funny. James, however, didn't seem to think so and would sit there glaring at me at times.

One day I was walking down the hall towards our class. He stood in the doorway and halted me. "Look," he hissed, "I don't like you messing with my girlfriend!"

Uh, I am not a person of confrontation so I stopped and stared at him for a moment while he continued giving me stink eye. Then I quickly declared, "You're crazy!" as I hurried into the room. I glanced back at him and he was still standing there with this bewildered look on his face.

So James, I apologize to you, also, and I surely never intended to dis' you!

Several years after that a Hawaiian-type takeout place opened on Crenshaw Blvd. across from the Boys Market. Mr. Moto's it was called, and was run by a husband and wife team.

It was great having Hawaiian plate lunches in the neighborhood and I'd go there often. Generally the husband would do the cooking and the wife took the orders and dished out the food. The wife was very friendly, talkative and also very cute. The husband, meanwhile, would stand there and glare at me every time I walked in.

Unfortunately the place closed down after a year or two leaving a Hawaiian food void in the area. Maybe too many people got da stink eye and stayed away.

Well, no apologies here since I was a mere innocent customer, but it is just something that flashed in my memory as I was writing about Eva.

More amends to follow..

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