Sunday, July 27, 2008

Saturday Lunch With Katie

Moving back to the present from the usual nostalgia of this blog, yesterday Katie and I had some soul food in Alhambra (yes I know, soul + Alhambra is oxymoronic) , at Angelena's Soul Food Restaurant on the restaurant row section of Main Street.

The place never seems to be very crowded, yet it has managed to survive for several years now. It's a good thing to have diversity like that, offsetting the ubiquitous Chinese restaurants that outnumber even the Starbucks and 7-11's.

Katie recently had gumbo at The Palace in Santa Barbara and had a craving for it again today. There's few places in the SGV that can satisfy such a craving. I'm waiting for McD to introduce its McReole Sandwich containing reformed shrimp and sausage for a limited time only, but until then, Angelena's is the place to go.

Here's some pictures. First, the exterior of the restaurant.

Katie ordered the large serving of gumbo, along with macaroni and cheese, and mashed potatoes and gravy for the side dishes. My camera flash was a bit too exuberant for these pictures and blinded some of the food.

Here's a closer view of just the gumbo.

Here she is pre-5,000 calories.

This is what I ordered, hot links. It came with white rice and a dish of thick gravy, along with extra bbq sauce. I got potato salad and baked beans for sides. Both entrees came with corn bread.

And here I am, pre-4,500 calories.

How was the food? Plenty heavy, and pretty good. Katie loved the gumbo but said the Palace's version was better. My links were spicy but not burning hot, and they had a very dense texture to them.

During lunch, Katie related an encounter she had at the gas station. She pulled in and then some guy ran up to her and started talking.

Guy: Hey, let me show you how I can fix your dents!

Katie: I don't have any money..

Guy: Never mind, just let me show you what I can do! (runs away for a moment, comes back with one of those dent pullers)

Katie: Hey, don't do anything. I told you I don't have any money!

Guy: Just watch! Here - take a look! (applies the dent puller, pulls out the dents). See?

Katie: Well I told you not to do anything. I don't have any money.

Guy: Can't you spare a little something for me? After all, I fixed your dents!

Katie: I didn't ask you to do that. I said I didn't have any money!

Guy: Don't you have a credit card?

Katie: Yeah, well -

Guy: Go inside and get some money back on your card for me. Can't you do something for me after what I did for you?

Katie; I'll buy you a bag of potato chips.

Guy: Potato chips?? How about a pack of cigarettes?

Katie: No.

Guy: Aw come on, you have to give me something for fixing your car!

Katie: You drive a Lexus. Why are you running around fixing people's cars? What do you need money for?

And so on and so forth. She said he kept pestering her for 10 or 15 minutes and finally gave up. I asked her if it was a nice Lexus and she said yes, it was a really nice "I" model (whatever that is) and some woman was sitting in it all that time.

Pretty weird.

For dinner Julie and I went to the anti-Angelena's, Souplantation. We had food of a color that was completely missing from lunch: green. I figured no use taking pictures of Souplantation, you all know what that place is like. Both eateries have their merits but you can eat at Angelena's or a facsimile thereof only so often.

Moving onto other things, whether or not people read this blog, I still enjoy writing it. And actually a few (like very few) people have been reading it. That's how I ended up having lunch with an old childhood friend, Hiro, the other day because he ran across the blog, and I also happened to hear from one of the original DTA members, Florence Ryza.

Florence sent me an e-mail. She said she and her brother were showing her mom how to navigate the internet and how to do a Google search. She typed in her name and voila, up came a link to this blog! It was really good to hear from her and we caught up all the years that have passed since last we saw each other.

Anyway, back to my enjoyment of writing this blog.. I mentioned in some early post that my real dreams of a career were to either write or play drums in a band. Well, more and more that writing bug keeps gnawing at me and I really feel led to pursue that endeavor more wholeheartedly. I'd love to play the drums too, but lacking the talent as well as circumstances, that's much less practical.

But I tell you, if I did have that talent and opportunity to play in a band again, this is the style in which I'd like to do it:

Well, the next best thing is to write with the same enthusiasm level as how Keith Moon plays the drums in that video. You gotta have fun!

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Anonymous said...

Yes, I am following your blog. I was out of town the last week and so I have some catching up to do. BTW, Lexus people call that nice little car an IS. There is a variant called an "IS-F".
It's Japanese for "owner has feelings of inadequacy".