Monday, July 14, 2008

Odds and Ends

In my post from Friday, I mentioned coming across a link to an article about Yoko Ohigashi, sister of Easy Livin's keyboard player Dennis Yokotake, and the oldest ever contestant on American Gladiator.

I have never watched that show, but finding out that someone I knew was on it piqued my curiosity. Alas, Yoko was eliminated in the last episode but nevertheless, that was an amazing feat for anyone, even more so for a 52 year old.

Back in high school I always called her "Jane," and it was her family that referred to her as Yoko. Here's a couple of pictures of her that I found in my yearbook (circa 11th grade for her):

You can see the resemblance then versus now. What I most remember about Jane, or Yoko, was that she was constantly on the tennis courts. And she played very well. She and another girl named Andrea Buchanan were by far the two best players among the girls. I also remember she always had a cheerful demeanor.

I still remember what Dennis told us once. He said that both of them could beat any of the guys in tennis, but they deliberately held back so as not to embarrass the boys. Being that by "us" he was referring to us guys on the boy's varsity tennis team, we all scoffed at him. Yes, Jane and Andrea were good, but not that good.

Personally, I still don't believe either of them could have beaten the top guys on varsity. I'm not certain of that, but that's what I believe. One thing I am certain of now, though, is that Jane could whup any of us in American Gladiator, probably without much of a sweat, either!

I'm sad to hear she was eliminated. She was totally impressive, though. It was that Crenshaw/Westside spunk that helped, I bet! The camera also showed her/Dennis' mom and dad. They look older, but yup, that's them.

On another note, here's another food-related post. Yesterday we headed over to Hows Market in San Marino to get sandwiches for lunch. Every weekend they bbq tri-tip roasts outside the market and it smells sooo good. Whole tri-tips are $15.00 and tri-tip sandwiches are $5.00. I've gotten the roasts before but never the sandwich, so yesterday was the time to begin. Here's the outdoor grill:

And here is the tri-tip sandwich:

The sandwich consists of a generous portion of tri-tip on a french roll. There's condiments at the table if you want to add anything but I like mine savage style.

Taste-wise, there's a lot of meat but I felt that whatever brown sauce they used on it detracted from its character. Maybe the sauce was simply an au jus, but it seemed thicker than that, more like a thin gravy. I like my tri-tip sliced and simply seasoned with a dry rub, not wet. Otherwise it might as well be any kind of roast with gravy.

I give thumbs up to the generosity of the serving, but was disappointed that the flavors got buried under the gravy/sauce.

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