Friday, July 4, 2008

The Journey of Easy Livin' - Bingo!

With four guys who couldn't sing but wanting to do covers of popular songs, we needed to find a singer. Michael knew a couple of girls in his class that he said liked to sing and were willing to come try out.

Me, I was both skeptical and hopeful. Hopeful because we definitely needed a singer and I definitely knew of no one to fit the bill. Skeptical because both girls were JA's (Japanese-Americans) and it was hard to find JA's who were willing to sing in front of people. But hey, if they were willing to come to our band practice they must be willing to sing in front of people. '

One Saturday they both showed up at Duane's house where we were practicing: Betty Okeya and Teri Kusumoto. I knew neither one of them. We played a few songs, they took turns singing the lead and I was thinking, they sure do have powerful voices. Not these diminutive, polite Asian a-no, excuse-a-me voices, but loud voices! And in tune, to boot.

In the end, both were good but we all preferred Teri. That was sort of funny, a rag-tag, newly formed group that was just learning and already having auditions and having to turn someone down.

We still didn't have a name, but now we were complete - five of us ready to add ourselves to the roll of Westside garage bands. We had the fifth letter..

Down the line we added the song in the below YouTube video to our list. Teri sang it and Janis had nothing on her - Teri could hold her own at belting them out.

And below is the "alternate version" - you know, like those "special edition" DVD's that have two versions of the movies. Teri looked more like the singer in the video below, but sounded more like the singer in the video above. I'd say our band sounded (and looked) more like the bottom video.

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