Tuesday, July 15, 2008

It's Not Even Funny

I heard about the magazine cover on the right on the news last night.

New Yorker magazine and the cartoonist call this "satire." We're supposed to be made so uneasy and it is supposed to play on our terrorist fears by showing Obama dressed as a Muslim, his wife as a terrorist fanatic, Osama Bin Laden's picture hanging on the wall of the White House and a burning American flag in the fireplace.

Oh ha ha ha. Bravo, bravo, good show, New Yorker. That is oh so clever. Oh so sophisticated! Totally hip and above the heads of the mainstream.

Since we are having so much tension with North Korea and China, why don't we revert to the Asian stereotype with the buck teeth and slitty slanty eyes and have a t-shirt that says "I am a ching-chong Chinaman" on the front of it? Ha ha ha, that would be so funny, too. And it would help relieve the tension so we could laugh at the enemy, which is basically anyone who looks foreign.

That's what is so wonderful about America, that the 1st Amendment gives us the right to say or do anything no matter how tasteless it is, and as long as the word "God" doesn't get used. So any cretin, like the guy who did this cartoon, has a right to express themselves.

Personally, I am not an Obama supporter. But I do respect the man and am really disappointed that a magazine such as the New Yorker should show the world it has no taste or class.

How about the next cover we show Obama being lynched by the KKK? Ha ha oh so funny and hip. Or we spread rumors that the cartoonist is a child molester and then we go to his house and burn it down? Ha ha, bravo, I applaud the cleverness of it!

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