Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Easy Livin' - It Was the Best of Times

Well this entry becomes unstuck in time (see yesterday's post if you don't know what the heck I am talking about) as I talk about present and past.

Greg is briefly back from Texas. Friday evening we had dinner at Pizza Place California, where the above picture is taken. I decline to post the picture that includes me, and Julie refused to have her picture taken, so that's just Lisa, Katie and Greg.

Food-wise, the place was great. The service only so-so. We had to keep asking for stuff like water and more of those garlicky rolls that will give you killer breath.

Saturday night Katie saw the "Sounds and Voices of J-Town" benefit concert sponsored by the JACCC, headlined by Tia Carrere. But what was of most interest to me was the first act, Mariko and The Music Company.

Now I am too cheap to pay $45 for a ticket so I asked Katie how the concert was. This was over lunch at Shaka's in Alhambra who had the misfortune of a broken air conditioner on this 100+ degree day. Yet, we and quite a few other people sat there and suffered. Dey serve lot of shave ice dat day, dats fo sure.

Anyway, she said Ms. Carrere sounded weird by screaming a lot in Hawaiian, but her favorite performer was Mariko and her backup band. The reason I say they were of interest to me is because I had some of the best times of my life with Dennis Yokotake, their keyboard player.

No, I'm not gay so don't go raising your eyebrows. He and I used to play in the same band ages ago. We went by the name of Easy Livin' and got tired of telling people there was no "g" at the end of Livin'.

As I have often told whoever will listen, the time when Easy Livin' was together was the most funnest time of my life. Our lead singer, Teri Ann Kusumoto, later sang for Hiroshima. That was our claim to fame, sort of. The rest of us included Duane Kamei, Michael Kosaka and myself. Back then, Mariko and Duane's brother were in a band called Free Flight. Those were the days of Blarney's Castle, Roger Young Auditorium, The Elk's Club, Swalley's, The Phrog, etc.

Certainly I would have come around to writing about this in future posts (and I still will) but the concert brought it to mind and prompted this particular post.

Below is a YouTube video I ran across of The Music Company playing at Paul's Kitchen. They sure look like they're having fun, which made me miss those days all the more. Take a look:


Unknown said...

I would very much like to watch the video with Dennis, but don't know how. It says "private." Steve Ripley

Rickie Miyake said...

Unfortunately aince the time I posted the Youtube video, the original poster has changed the settings so it isn't public anymore. The OP is the drummer's son - maybe you can write to him and ask him about it? I'd like to see it again myself!